5 Qualities of a Great Logo

How to tell if your logo is a keeper

Last Updated: December 26, 2019

The most important decision of any business is deciding on your logo. It is the identifying mark that should tick a number of boxes in any visual branding checklist. This infographic lists 5 essential qualities that you should ensure your new logo follows.

It’s future proof

While a logo may address your business values and visual identity, it also needs to be flexible. Your logo needs to be future proof as your business grows, your goals change and your product expands.

It's simple

A simple logo is a memorable logo. It needs to explain and identify your business quickly to your customers. Convuluted logo descriptions are forgettable and do not convey your identity.

It’s unique

A unique identity design stands out from the competition and draws your customer in. Successful logos are easily recognizable and catch the attention of your audience.

It's scalable

Your logo should be able to resize smaller and larger without losing its message. This means smaller text and symbols should be simple so as not to strain or confuse customers.

It’s consistent

Keep your typography simple and consistent to your identity. Do not use more than 2 fonts. Otherwise your logo will look too complicated.

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